ENERGY SOLUTIONS NETWORK, INC. (ESN) is a Colorado-based energy consulting company, founded in 1999, with offices located in Colorado and North Carolina. Our focus is on providing specialized, value-added energy management consulting and performance contracting support services to public utilities and energy companies, coast to coast. ESN transparently serves clients in the energy services performance contracting business, developing and implementing energy savings projects at a much lower cost and much faster than traditional Energy Service Companies (ESCo's). The key is that ESN and its participating EPNetwork subcontracted resources have relatively low overhead and profit requirements. Think of the EPNetwork as a rapid deployment "strike-team" of highly experienced energy & sales professionals. Leverage our resources to rapidly fullfil the energy management requirements of your next energy savings project. We work with you in whatever way works best under your particular circumstances. Most often we become a flexible extension of your company brand, using our collective knowledge and experience to develop attractive, investment-grade energy savings projects for you and your customers. Our focus is on developing the highest quality energy savings investment and capital improvement opportunities, on your terms, with complete confidentiality.

James E. Richmond, CEM is President of Energy Solutions Network, Inc. and has over twenty-three (23) years experience with technical issues related to building systems, energy efficient technologies, and measurement and verification of energy savings. James Richmond is a Certified Energy Manager and Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (Association of Energy Engineers), and specializes in facility audits, data logging energy equipment, and installation of networked, web-based, hourly utility monitoring systems. ESN has participated as a 2nd and 3rd-tier subcontractor in the scoping, development, and project management of energy services performance contracts for schools, colleges, hospitals, military bases, municipal, and county government facilities, coast to coast. Prior to founding the company, Mr. Richmond devoted seven (7) years to managing product development and sales for environmental data acquisition systems and electronic metering systems used to measure and verify the performance of energy savings, with two (2) Colorado based manufacturers. Prior to that, Mr. Richmond devoted another seven (7) years performing thousands of commercial and residential energy audits, developed award-winning demand-side management programs for municipal utility companies, and assisted with the development of the Washington State Energy Code. His vast network of customers and contacts throughout the energy efficiency industry led him to co-found the Energy Professionals Network as a way to deliver superior value to his new and repeat-business clients. If you have questions about how ENERGY SOLUTIONS NETWORK, INC. can be of service to you and your customers, please contact us, or read our Project Abstracts. You may also download our corporate STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS document to review at your leisure.  
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